Ciao from Roma!

Holy shit, I’m in Rome! Sorry for swearing, Mom, it’s just so surreal to be here. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Rome, and I never thought I’d make it. And now I’m here for 16 nights: three nights down, and 13 more to go. So what have I been up to?

I’ve given up my US phone number for now in favor of an Italian one. I’d tell you what it is, but neither of us can afford the phone call.

I’ve seen some sights: the Fontana di Trevi, Quattro Fontane, the Pantheon, the Altare della Patria. I saw Largo di Torre Argentina, the spot where Caesar was assassinated (“Et tu, Brute?”). It’s now a cat sanctuary. It smelled like a cat lady’s house, but I do love i gatti romani (who are we kidding, I love all cats).

I’ve eaten good food. My favorite meal so far was last night’s in Trastevere, where I had the best spaghetti carbonara I’ve ever tasted. The pasta was so chewy–thicker than the spaghetti you’d find in America–and they weren’t shy with the cheese. And my God, has bacon always tasted that good?

There’s still lots to see and eat, so it’s good that a very dear friend from Chicago is arriving tomorrow to help me see the sights and eat il cibo.


Originally written Sun, April 6, 2014